Friday, December 17, 2004

All i want...

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... at the moment is a lomo cam. I've been thinking about this camera for mor ethan four days now, and i know it's one serious buy if i do get one. I realize that this will never be as good as a digicam (i've been saving up for that) but somehow the retro chic/coolness factor of this baby is too good to resist.
How much am i drooling for this? Enough to make me think of ways on how to get to Makati and buy it at that store in G3 (priced somewhat atrociously!). Gimme a few more hours to think about it... if i still think about it tomorrow, it's bye-bye savings!

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Yey! Jason emailed! whoo-hoo! :-)

1 comment:

hlF said...

a LOMO!!!! a LOMO!!!

i want one too! (funny, i want so many things...)

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